Use Arunda to assemble your dovetail framing

With the Arunda system, dovetail framing assemblies become decorative! The internationally patented Arunda jig was developed in Switzerland by professionals working in the field. It was designed for simple, efficient use.

Arunda tools

Arunda tools The Arunda tools

Using our tools, you can create your own dovetail framing assemblies! There are several models of jigs. Choose the one the meets your needs.
Advantages: Our system is quick, easy to use, accurate, portable, and saves you money...




Types of assemblies

Types of assemblies Assembly types

You can make all common and special joints, for example, joist to stringer, skewed joist to stringer, beam connected to corner post, rafter to chamfered ridge purlin, end-to-end beams, etc.




Past projects

Past projects Projects

See what you can make with Arunda: industrial buildings, chalets, log structures, interior fittings, renovations, circular roofs, and more...





More Information

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Load Calculator
Calculate your assembly’s allowable load.

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